APX 6000/ 8000 Full Key Pad NextGen Reflective case


Both the APX-6000 and APX-8000 radio models utilize the same case .

Fixed top bungee cord included.

***** Please supply your battery model # (ie: PMNN-XXXX or NNTN-XXXX) in ORDER NOTES upon check out.

The REFLEX tape will be glued and sewn on below the window cutout.

Product Description


Reflective striping added to the original RadioTech Custom Made Full Key Pad NextGen Reflective Radio Case gives you high visibility in low light and night time conditions. Visibility and safety are made quick and easy by the addition of .5 inch 3M Scotchlite silver reflective tape stitched around the lower part of the case. The 3M silver reflective tape material (which meets or exceeds NFPA – 1971-2000 standards) is securely glued and then stitched with high quality nylon chain stitching to assure maximum adhesion to the RadioTech Reflective Radio Case.


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