A Message from our president

Here at RadioTech™, we believe in listening closely to our clients. We attend numerous fire service events every year, giving us the opportunity to interact with our clients directly.

Understanding your needs is a major part of our success. All of our current products have been developed per fire service personnel request, and we welcome the opportunity to customize any of our fire service radio accessories to fit you and/or your department's needs.

Whatever custom design or development you need, we have a design team ready to assist you. We strongly believe our products play a significant role in effective communications on the fireground. When used properly and customized to fit your application, we are able to protect the communications equipment, which helps to protect you.

You can start your custom order inquiry by completing the form on this page. A member of our team will contact you about your inquiry to answer any questions you may have and provide pricing information. There is no charge for this service, we are happy to provide it for you.

Thank you for your interest,

-Jerry Silva

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"The RadioTech products are great, they really hold up. The warranty is exceptional… the case won't wear out until the radios are at the end of their life.

I've purchased some RadioTech Communicator straps and RadioTech Radio Stabilizers. We've recently purchased some new radios and Janice set me up with some new cases so we could see the display windows and buttons, so they have worked out well. We even have them embossed.

I do have a couple of your RadioTech pager cases too, those work real well especially after I tore off a pager clip which cost me $500 to replace. So the $20 that you spend for the case is really worth it."

-Mark Hoffmeister, Firefighter
Chicago Ridge F.D., Illinois







Note: Some testimonials have been edited for length and space.