Our Clients Say...

"The product is great, it really holds up. The warranty is exceptional ...the case won't wear out until the radios are at the end of their life. I've purchased some RadioTech Communicator straps (and) RadioTech Radio Stabilizers. We've recently purchased some new radios and you set me up with some new cases so we could see the display windows and buttons, so they have worked out well. We even have them embossed. I do have a couple of your RadioTech pager cases too, those work real well especially after I tore off a pager clip which cost me $500 to replace. So the $20 that you spend for the case is really worth it."

Mark Hoffmeister
Firefighter, Chicago Ridge Illinois

About RadioTech™


For the last 15 years, RadioTech has been serving the Fire Service industry with radio accessories as well as the sale and service of Motorola two-way radios. Find out more about our company, the people behind our products and why we are the top selling brand of radio cases and straps.


What Makes a RadioTech Original™ Strap


If you're a fire service or emergency management professional, you may have heard of the RadioTech brand and know that it is thought of as a superior product. What you may not know, is the painstaking detail and hand-crafted effort that goes into the creation of each of our standard and custom-designed straps and cases.

Let us give you a look at what makes our cases so much better than the rest by showing you about how your case or strap is made and you'll see why we say: If it doesn't say RadioTech, it's not an original.™